The main objective of performing this event was to show the final results of the project to the ACTIVAGE community despite the sanitary crisis. The session was initially programmed through a presential event on May 2020 in an iconic place of the Madrid city centre. Considering the worldwide crisis, we worked hard for adapting this first approach to a dynamic and immersive digital experience with virtual and augmented reality technology.

The ACTIVAGE VIRTUAL EXPERIENCE was celebrated on the 21st October 2021. This 5-hour event featured more than 30 participants from 7 different countries and was streamed through Zoom and YouTube for over 300 attendees.

The ACTIVAGE big day was distributed in the following four main tracks including external speakers:

  • The ACTIVAGE Experience of 8.000 senior people and caregivers, that are already enjoying active and healthy aging services attending their health and social needs.
  • The ACTIVAGE Values and results achieved in 12 European cities and regions after three yearlong piloting active ageing solutions and services.
  • The ACTIVAGE technology impact on the Internet of Things for health and social care that maximize security, privacy and ethical compliance.
  • The Kick-Off of ACTIVAGE.ORG organization that will scale up the ACTIVAGE Ecosystem throughout new European regions in the next 5 years

The consortium is very proud of this virtual session and the valuable content generated that constitutes the audio-visual portfolio and heritage of ACTIVAGE project.

We want to say thank you to the people who attended the ACTIVAGE BIG DAY, it was a great honour to have all of you with us in such a special day!

But the greatest recognition goes to the big team that made this wonderful event possible: organizers, speakers and the amazing technical and creative team. MANY THANKS!

For those who were not able to attend the live streaming, don't worry! You can watch the whole session here:

Or you can enjoy each session in the following clips:

1 ACTIVAGE Experience day. Opening: Positioning ACTIVAGE in the European strategic framework

A nice warm welcome for contextualizing ACTIVAGE in the IoT and Active and Healthy Ageing fields with the intervention of Jan Komarek, representative of the European Commission, and the ACTIVAGE Coordination Team who explained how the project has addressed the demographic challenge.

2 ACTIVAGE Experience Day. The experience from User's Perspective

In this session you will enjoy first-hand testimonials from seniors, caregiver and healthcare professionals that has benefit from the Active and Healthy Ageing services deployed across in 7 European countries.

3 ACTIVAGE Experience Day. Keynote speaker: Prof. Leocadio Rodríguez-Mañas

It was a pleasure to hear Leocadio Rodríguez-Mañas, Head of Geriatrics Unit at Getafe University Hospital, an international eminence in geriatrics, sharing their vision about how technology can improve seniors quality of life.

4 ACTIVAGE Experience Day. The Value for improving older people life’s

In this session the ACTIVAGE team demonstrates how the services deployed has impacted under main 3 dimensions for improving seniors wellbeing: quality of life, technology acceptance and cost effectiveness.

5 ACTIVAGE Experience Day. The technological solutions

One of the main achievements of the project…in this session you will understand how the technology implemented across the ACTIVAGE ecosystem has enabled the deployment of the Active Ageing service guaranteeing the security and privacy for all users enjoying the solutions.

6 ACTIVAGE Experience Day. The Opportunities and Challenges in post COVID era

In this round table we discussed with external experts about the emerging opportunities and challenges in the post COVID world in relation with the Active Ageing sector.

7 ACTIVAGE Experience Day. The ACTIVAGE.ORG association

The ACTIVAGE.ORG ASSOCATION launching! During this session members of this private initiative shared its vision and mission of scaling up Active Ageing services in Europe as a continuation of the ACTIVAGE project.

8 ACTIVAGE Experience Day. European administrations strategies in the Active and Healthy Ageing field debate

Have a look of the interesting administrations debate where representatives from 4 European countries shared their plans and vision for providing Active Ageing services at large-scale level.

9 ACTIVAGE Experience Day. The ACTIVAGE Awards and closing

We are really proud of supporting life’s of seniors with IoT technologies and we wanted to highlight the most outstanding work done by the project team in this session. Morover, you will find the big thank you to the whole team that made the event a success by the deputy Project Coordinator.

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