IoT Week
IoT Week 2019 conference

We are glad to confirm our participation in the IoT Week 2019 conference that will take place on Aarhus (Denmark) from 17 to 21 June 2019.

ACTIVAGE project will lead the “Smart Living & eHealth” track coordinating three sessions focused on Wednesday 19thJune following this schema:

1st Session: ACTIVAGE Project: Technology breakthrough for IoT for Smart Living Environments (SLE). From 09:45 to 10:45.

ACTIVAGE has defined a reference architecture for IoT Platforms Interoperability. This architecture aims to build general approaches to face the interoperability in a universal way with the objective of serving as common framework to build interoperable smart ACTIVE AGEING solutions that can be deployed, extended and replicated at Deployment Sites across Europe. Deployment Sites are, in the ACTIVAGE terminology, geographical regions where Smart Living Environment based on IoT technologies are deployed that support and sustain active and healthy ageing ICT services for senior citizen.

Based on this specific reference architecture, ACTIVAGE has developed the “IoT Ecosystem Suite (AIoTES) Framework” which consists of a set of software techniques, tools and methodologies for Semantic Interoperability between heterogeneous IoT Platforms and Active and Healthy Ageing applications, services and solutions, providing a secure privacy an data protection environment as well as tools and methods for productivity and business intelligence.

This session will be focused on showing the ACTIVAGE IoT Ecosystem Suite (AIOTES), from its different perspectives. The session will be divided in the following four slots with the main purpose of demonstrate how this innovative ecosystem is addressing the challenges exposed:

  • ACTIVAGE’s reference architecture for semantic interoperability in an IoT for SLE ecosystem
  • Semantic Interoperability Layer (SIL) implementation
  • Techniques, tools and methodologies supporting the IoT for SLE ecosystem
  • Experience of ACTIVAGE in deploying AIOTES in 9 Deployment Sites in Europe

2nd Session: Interoperability challenges for implementation of sustainable IoT for Smart Living environments for healthy ageing, and market scale up. From 11:15 to 12:30.

Interoperability is largely addressed issue from the different stand points of concerned fields. In the IoT for SLE for ageing well field, there is a clear technological approach for interoperability in the IoT technology domain. For instance, interoperability between IoT platforms in the cloud domain, and interoperability across sensors, smart devices and gateways in the edge domain, i.e. the home environment. In the other side, there is a demand of practical solutions for interoperability across applications, services and solutions, set by the Active and Healthy Ageing field perspective. Both points of view of demands converge in the IoT for SLE field, and therefore they must be treated as a whole.

In this session we will analyze the interoperability problems from these two key perspectives and demands and will present one case of integrated solution proposed on ACTIVAGE project. The following topics will be addressed by experts in the respective fields:

  • Interoperability needs and solutions across the whole IoT layers
  • Interoperability needs across applications, services and solutions in the AHA domain. A vision from the demand side
  • Data model for semantic interoperability in the IoT for SLE
  • Implementation of an interoperability framework for IoT for SLE

3rd Session: Security and Privacy compliance with GDPR in IoT for Smart Living environments for healthy ageing. From 14:15 to 15:30

GDPR is a hot topic nowadays in Europe. IoT for SLE is a very sensitive environment upon GDPR. There are many facets where the topic is approached in the domain and for this it’s important all them converge into a coherent and functional approach at the time of implementation of IoT for SLE in a defined place.

In this session we will analyze the specific requirements for data and privacy protection in an Iot for SLE ecosystem from the light of the GDPR compliance, and will address the practical approach for the implementation of ACTIVAGE ecosystems in the DSs and the guidelines for GDPR compliant SLEs elsewhere. The following topics will be debated:

  • Requirements for the implementation of data privacy and protection under GDPR regulation inf IoT for SLE
  • Guidelines for the implementation of data protection and privacy in Smart Living Environment
  • Analysis of GDPR context, constrains and enablers for the data re-use, data sharing and future data markets in the social care domain
  • The ACTIVAGE experience implementing practical solution for data security and privacy in the IoT for SLE ecosystem

IoT Week Hackathon 2019

On June 18, a 24-hour hackathon will take place during the IoT Week. This will give the opportunity to students, startups, young professionals and experienced hackers to work with the latest IoT technologies to solve the selected global objectives.

Category 1 - Case presented by Grundfos

We all use water every day, and we all know that there are people in less fortunate parts of the world, who has no access to clean water. But have you ever considered what makes your water run, and how it also impacts our climate? This will be the cause of hackathon category 1 including UN Sustainable Development Goals 6 and 13.

Category 2- Case Presented by LSPs

EU H2020 Large Scale Pilots (LSPs) initiative focuses on promoting innovation and directing research efforts towards re-using IoT Technologies in different Domains i.e. Healthcare and Wellbeing, Smart Cities and Communities, Smart Energy and Smart Building etc. Is IoT able to improve people's lives and further change the course of the way technology is affecting our planet? Discover this in the hackathon working towards UN Sustainable Development Goals 03, 11 and 13.


The best hack will be awarded with DKK25.000 and a chance to pitch at the main conference stage. All participants will get a ticket for the IoT Week Conference.


The hackathon is organized in partnership with Aarhus DOKKX, Incuba, Systematic and IT-Forum. Furthermore we highly appreciate that our case partners Grundfos and LSPs projects (ACTIVAGE, SYNCHRONICITY and VICINITY) are onboard providing data sets and interesting challenges for the participants.

You can find more information about the ACTIVAGE challenging here and if you are interested in participating, don’t hesitate, you can already register here.

LSP Workshop on Exploitation and Strategy

On Thursday, the 20th of June, Sergio Guillén will participate in the LSP Workshop on Exploitation and Strategy.

Moreover, once year again we will participate in the indoor exhibition area with the rest of the Large-Scale Pilots and CSAs in a common booth. This year the idea is displaying the demonstration of the ACTIVAGE ecosystem called AIOTES, so the audiences can understand how the ecosystem created works among the 9 DSs and the interoperability options that offers to other applications and platforms to be integrated.

Stay tuned to the ACTIVAGE Twitter channel to be informed about our participation in such as relevant conference.

The IoT European LSP Programme Newsflash

The IoT European LSP Programme has created a Newsletter where you can find different information about the latest news in the spotlight, fresh data on the IoT market, video interviews with representatives from the IoT Large- Scale Pilots, past events highlight from ICT2018, MONICA demonstrations and CSCC19 or interesting upcoming events in the field of IoT.

You can read all about it in the last Newsletter in this link:

And if you don’t want to miss the chance to know the news about IoT, you can subscribe and join the IoT community in this link:

ACTIVAGE in the ICT2018 Imagine Digital Connect Europe - Vienna

During de event, taked place on 4-6 December 2018, IoF2020, ACTIVAGE, SynchroniCity and U4IoT demonstrated their efforts in scaling the uptake of the Internet of Things (IoT) in Europe, improving the life of citizens, and actively protecting their privacy. ICT2018 Imagine Digital- Connect Europe highlighted the European Union’s priorities in the digital transformation of society and industry. People who make this transition possible shared their achievements and ideas for the future of mobility, active and healthy ageing, smart farming and the user engagement in smart cities: a view of Europe in the digital age. During the event, all visitors from tech-savvies to digital enthusiasts had the chance to listen to influential speakers, meet the research community and decision-makers, as well as business representatives, and of course, engage with the innovators behind the EU-funded projects at the special exhibition. The 2018 edition of this major European networking event included the following main components:

  • A conference on digital research and innovation policies,
  • An exhibition of EU-funded research and innovation projects in the field of ICT,
  • A series of networking activities,
  • An innovation and start-ups village to showcase European entrepreneurship.

The GovTech Summit
ACTIVAGE in the GovTech Summit in Paris

The 12th November of 2018, ACTIVAGE participated in the exhibition area of the GovTech Summit in Paris. This event was organised by public and supported by French President Emmanuel Macron; Paris Mayor, Anne Hidalgo and the European Commission.

The 2018 GovTech Summit featured more than 90 international speakers, covering topics from transport to healthcare, security to international development, e-government to citizen engagement.

GovTech aims to build better services for citizens and better tools for public servants. The event brought the whole European GovTech community together for the first time and we could join it with the presence of our ACTIVAGE Deputy Coordinator, Sergio Guillén and the ACTIVAGE Steering Board member, Oliver Horbowy.

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