The Internet of Things (IoT): The Next Technological Revolution That Will Change Our Society

As with mobile phones 20 years ago, the Internet of Things (IoT) is meant to be the new technological revolution in the coming years. Along the same line, the sales and use of these IoT-enabled devices will grow exponentially. The number of devices sold in the global market is impressive. According to a study by Opentext, there will be 13 billion connected devices by 2020, and 75 billion by 2025.

The existing reports and analysts agree that the use of connected devices will grow massively and that these devices will eventually be present in all aspects of our lives: from cities, homes or cars to children, older people or pets. Our society will undergo a complete change: we will live in houses where we will be able to turn lights and electrical appliances on and off not only using our mobile phones but with our voices, we will be able to know if our child came home safe from school, we will be able to register the details of our driving in order to improve our habits or even get prompt assistance automatically in case of an accident, and so on.
Vodafone, as the leading operator in the Telecom market, has supported the Internet of Things (IoT) from the very beginning, both in the business and home environments. Additionally, Vodafone has created a specific brand for the home environment under which all the IoT services provided by the company are marketed:V by Vodafone.
Since the brand was launched in November 2017, different services have been added to their portfolio.
The leitmotiv of all V by Vodafone services is to connect with the people and things you care about most (your home, your car, your pet, your loved ones…) to make sure they are all right, no matter how far they are.
V by Vodafone currently offers 8 products to meet the different needs and segments of the population. All of these products are available to existing Vodafone customers as well as to other operators’. Thus, Vodafone’s offering is totally controlled by the company, either with their own marketed brands like V-Auto for cars or V-SOS Band for older people or with third-party partnerships:V-Pet for pets, V-Bag for bags and luggage, V-Kids Watch for children, V-Camera for the outdoors or V-Home for the home environment. As the complement to their offering,V-Sim, a product designed to provide a connectivity solution to any users who purchase a device on the free market and need a connectivity service that meets the needs and usage of these type of devices.
In line with Vodafone’s intent to bring IoT technology closer to the general public by democratizing its use, last July Vodafone went one step beyond with the launch of the V-SOS Band. This wristband is designed for families that care about their loved ones. With its fall detection, SOS button and easy-to-use app, this wristband will alert you and your family if they need help whether they are out and about, at home or even in the shower. Featuring long-lasting power and a subtle design, the band can be worn anytime, thus providing peace of mind to families and their loved ones.

In conclusion,the Internet of Things (IoT) is here and has come to stay. Therefore, we must not be afraid, and we must look at this revolution as an opportunity to use technology to improve our lives.

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