How ACTIVAGE is contributing to the Covid-19 crisis management?

1- How the services already deployed in the RER DS are helping the older population to manage the pandemic?

The solution has been evaluated to be used as technical solution for videovisit and tele monitoring of covid19 related measurement such as SPO2 (pulsioximeter). Currently the regional Health system is not considering activage solution as a priority, as it would need further development. The option remains available.
The DS RER ACTIVAGE team is supporting Activage elderly users via phone. One of the users of the control group was infected and is deceased.

2- How the current solutions can be scaled up for contributing to the outbreak management?


Enlarging the set of measurements monitored, in particular pulsi oximeter.


Currently no user is using the solution for facing the emergency


The pulsi oximeter should be integrated in the system . It’s typically a Bluetooth device and not Wi-Fi as other devices used in DS RER.

It should be evaluated the legal framework as the measurement (SPO2) could be considered a clinical measurement with all consequences in terms of privacy and medical device regulation. Currently the collected measurements are not clinical.


Define legal framework (see previous point) and evaluate how the technical solution can fulfil the legal requirements.

Define the organizational framework in terms of deploy of devices (provide device physically to the users), and deploy of solution.

Include the solution in regional and national strategies for COVID19 contrast.

Scale up the solution.

3- Benefits for users

GPs would require possibility to care their patients remotely, minimizing ambulatory visits.

Teleconsultation/Televisit and remote monitoring of some vital parameter could help.

Patient would avoid going out to the ambulatory and get feedback on their health status with higher frequency and in security.

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